Who are we? Here's a brief introduction to the Links82 team and service

Links82 specialize in building and managing private blog network (PBN) links for experienced SEOs.

We started this service back in 2017, for our students and existing clients, but officially launched under the Links82 name in July 2019.

The name refers to Google's worldwide search market share at the time of our re-launch. Essentially, links for Google search.

The Team

We've got a rockstar team behind the scenes, led by Daryl Rosser, one of the worlds leading PBN experts. You may know him as the "Lion Zeal" guy.

Our entire service is run by our in-house team and managed by an ex-partner of PBNFox, a top rated supplier of PBN setup services.

We build and manage all our PBN sites in-house. No exceptions. Meaning our inventory can only be purchased directly through us.

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